P.A.S.S.I.V.E. Recruiting – Part 3: Select

by Steven Allard
Select the best possible candidate

Last week we discussed how to Approach the candidates you had pipelined.  With all that planning and effort paying off, you should now have a slate of candidates to present to your hiring managers. How do you select who you will present?

Select Qualified Candidates

Keep in mind, not everyone you do connect with will be interested or qualified once you have had a deeper discussion.  Not everyone you screened, who is interested and qualified, may not be worth presenting.  You now need to rank and shortlist your candidates.  When ranking your candidates let’s consider some factors:

  • Viability – Will they remain engaged in the remainder of the process?
  • Commute – Is it realistic? Even though they say they are ok with it. How long will they be ok with it?  Have they ever commuted that far in the past?
  • Timing – Is it the right time for a move? What future bonuses/commissions are due to be paid and when? How involved are they in upcoming product launches/new releases? What projects would prevent them from moving now?
  • Reason for Leaving – Did they give you a solid Reason for Leaving or is it just a mediocre Reason for Looking? There is a difference between them.
  • Counteroffer – How did confidently did they answer the “not accept counteroffer” question? What reason did thy give you for not accepting a counteroffer?
  • External factors – What does the family think? Have they been consulted yet?
  • Advancement opportunity – Will this opportunity give your candidate a growth/advancement? Is it a good next logical progression for them?
  • Skills and Experience – Can the candidate give solid examples of where they have done similar work?
  • Presentation – Does the candidate present well enough to convince a hiring manager they can do the job?
  • Culture fit – Are they “likeminded” with your client/company culture?
  • Noncompete issues – What legal considerations are involved that may prevent a move?
  • Know your competition – What other opportunities might hey be considering? How far along are they? Will they walk away from other opportunities for you? What other recruiters might they be working with?
  • Compensation – Is compensation expectations in the ballpark to make a move?
  • Travel – Will they be ok with travel that may be involved?

Your best skill qualified candidate may not be your overall strongest candidate. There is no sense wasting everyone’s time on a candidate who can not be delivered. I would weigh that statement against your ability to heavily engage your client in the process to “sell” that absolute “A” player they want.

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