by Steven Allard
Concept of validation


Now that the candidate has taken initial steps and been in to interview live, the realization of changing jobs may start hitting home and it is all becomes real. We need to verify the candidate is committed to really making a move. We have started the process by creating small incremental step to gain momentum. We got the candidate to discuss our opportunity and then took time to interview. MOTION is the first step in Dean Minuto’s MAGNETS. Once we get some MOTION, we need to keep that momentum going.

As the reality sets in, candidates may be feeling reservations about the uncertainty created changing jobs. In its simplest form, all decisions people make are to either gain pleasure or to avoid pain. They may forgo reward to avoid the risk of pain. We must mitigate this perceived risk throughout the candidate’s interview experience. If uncertainty starts creeps in your candidate may see staying in their less than ideal position outweighing the risk of finding the pleasure in your new role.

We must verify the candidate’s level of engagement in continuing in the process. We need to identify any and all concerns the candidate may have. If there are reservations, we need to address those concerns immediately. This may require a subsequent “selling” call from the client to help assuage those concerns. This should be a well-planned conversation with key bullet points which must be addressed.  

We should know who the candidate typically uses as advisors to make a decision and what advice that advisor has provided. Is the family on board with the move? There are many factors working either for you or against you behind the scenes. We should identify as many of these factors as possible. We need to have a conversation to determine if the candidate’s level of interest has increased or decreased. You should also understand why.

We need to explain the remaining steps in the process and verify the candidate is willing to take the steps necessary to continue on this journey with us. What value do they see in this new opportunity? An important question to confirm is why the timing is right to make a move now versus three months ago or three months from now. We need to confirm the client is equally interested in bringing the candidate on. We also need to confirm the timing on our or our clients end.

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