Artificial Intelligence – How can it be used in your Company?

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The fact that several professional chess players were defeated by an artificial intelligence (AI) doesn’t shock anyone anymore.

But since Google’s AI “AlphaGo” beat the former GO-Champion Lee Sedol in 2016, it caught our attention again. The impressive thing about AlphaGOs´ victory wasn’t that the Asian board game GO is much more complex than the conventional chess, it was rather that Google’s KI taught himself how to play the board game.

With that „AlphaGo“ achieved an unprecedented milestone.
But how does AI work? What makes it intelligent? Where can it be used in your company and what competencies do you need to implement an AI? In the following article we will answer these questions for you.
How does a Computer become Intelligent?

Essentially the term AI describes a computer program that is supposed to work like the Human Brain. An AI is not supposed to react to certain events in its environment with any pre-programmed sequences. It is supposed to interpret the events itself. Based on this interpretation it’s should carry out the appropriate reaction independently.

To be able to do so, an AI is built from a number of different independent algorithms which form a so-called „artificial neuronal network. The construction of an artificial neural network is supposed to imitate the way our brain works. In this way, the AI is able to learn and to develop intelligence.

Kleiner Roboter neben einem Chatverlauf auf einem Smartphone.

Data, Data, Data

For an AI to work and learn effectively it needs a wide spread data foundation. The more Data it receives the better the processing of Information and the recognition of patterns will be. With that the AI can derive the output of recommended actions and prognoses. Chatbots for example can work more efficiently if they have access to a Database which contains frequently asked questions.

What capabilities do you need to operate an AI?

Nevertheless, a large amount of data alone is not enough to successfully implement an AI system in your company. The fields of operation of artificial intelligence can be very different from industry to industry or even from company to company. Generally applied patterns are quite rare. Companies that want to use AI systems need well-qualified employees who can exploit suitable application sectors. Possible examples for such employees would be:

  • Data Scientists: Data scientists know how to deal with large, complex amounts of data (Big Data) and are therefore able to work practice-oriented. Through their basic knowledge of software development, they are able to prepare datasets in a target-oriented way.
  • Research Engineers: They are software developers with a high level of research competence. One of their tasks is to establish a solution-oriented connection between the prepared data and the AI system.
  • Research Scientists: These experts tend to work in the strategic area. They conduct long-term research with the focus of advancing the AI strategy in the company and exploring new functions of an AI system.
    Robot with artificial intelligence chip tries to touch the photographer.

The potential of using AI in Businesses

The usage of an AI system in corporations are plenty. The AI`s potential is especially to be used in the following areas:

  • The Automation of business processes to release, for example, automated bills, orders and more
  • The Optimisation of procedures in specific business fields through the analysation of large and complex data.
  • The Visualisation and identification of errors and anomalies to reduce for example, production scrap.
  • The Interactions through text – and voice processes providing for example, customer support in the form of chatbots or call centers.

Our Conclusion

AI systems provide a wide spectrum of appliances and an immense development potential for companies. Starting from the automatization of simple business processes up to complex applications in customer communications there are numerous usage areas imaginable. However, many companies are often frightened by the idea of using AI due to a lack of experience and competence.

We belief that it doesn’t have to be like this! With competent partners from the AI sector and an implementation in small steps, even smaller companies can benefit from the potential of artificial intelligence and secure their competitiveness for the long run.

If you need any assistance with the digitisation in your company, we are happy to help. As part of our „Career Solutions“, we deal with the daily challenges of companies in the fast-moving digital world.

Whether you need employees, want to strengthen your team or need a consulting partner – we have the right talents for you.

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